LevelUp Tulsa

Let's level up together

Let's level up together

Let's level up togetherLet's level up togetherLet's level up together

Investing in people. Disrupting poverty. Building a better Tulsa.

About Us

Why we exist


In Oklahoma, a single parent working to raise a child while working a minimum wage job full time will still be in poverty. They, like the 80,000 people in Tulsa living at or below the poverty level, are battling every day to support their families while facing innumerable barriers to escape the cycle and build  sustainable wealth.

Our families, our friends, our neighbors and our city deserve better. Together, with the LevelUp initiative, we're going to change this.

Who we are


Based out of the Met Cares Foundation, the LevelUp Tulsa initiative is a collaborative effort to change what is possible in the city of Tulsa by investing directly in people in order to disrupt cycles of poverty. 

Funded for a pilot year by the Tulsa Area United Way, this community-created initiative will remove financial barriers to career training and job training programs in order to open doors and actively build a better city for Tulsans.

What we do


LevelUp Tulsa was born out of a community-lead recommendation to address economic disparities within our city.  We partner with career training organizations across our city and provide qualifying residents with supplemental stipends to remove financial barriers so that they can complete training courses and increase their earning potential.

Who we serve


In our pilot year, we will serve no fewer than 15 families in the North Tulsa area by removing financial barriers that keep them from being able to access job training and career training programs.  By removing these barriers, we allow individuals to more easily enter higher earning professions and build wealth.

Ideal participants in our program are single parents working full time at one or more minimum wage jobs with a passion for enhancing their own careers.

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