LevelUp Tulsa

About Us


In Oklahoma, a single parent working to raise a child while working a minimum wage job full time will still be in poverty. They, like the 80,000 people in Tulsa living at or below the poverty level, are battling every day to support their families while facing innumerable barriers to escape the cycle and build sustainable wealth.

The LevelUp Tulsa initiative, launching in Spring 2020, will provide at least 15 families across North Tulsa with increased access to career training programs by removing financial barriers during its pilot year. Participants will receive a supplemental stipend, allowing them the financial freedom to leave work as needed in order to complete a training program that could raise their annual income by as much as $10,000.

Funded by a grant from the Tulsa Area United Way, this initiative, developed by and for the very Tulsans it will serve, will be a proof point of what is possible when a city invests directly in its citizens.  Together, we will disrupt systemic poverty, expand access to wealth building and bring partners from across our city together to build something better for all of us.

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